4 Home Remedies To Help Relieve Arthritis, Joint Pain, & Inflammation

At least one out of five Americans experience joint pains because of different reasons.  Over 50 million adults in America suffers from arthritis and those are only ho have been diagnosed. If we add the undiagnosed number, the number might even rise to over 90 million. Also there are over 300,000 children who suffers from arthritis so you can see this is a real threat to our nation.  Other people suffer from joint pains because of injuries from sporting activities. You need to understand the cause of your pain so that you can be able to use the best remedy for your pain. Some people try medications by taking aspirins, others uses oils meant for reducing pains but the best way to deal with these pains is by using the natural remedies. Keep reading this article till the end so that you can discover some of the best natural remedies to deal with the pain that is making your life uncomfortable.

  1. Use of magnets. A lot of people are using magnets to reduce joint pains and they seem to work just fine. It is actually one of the most effective natural way of reducing joint pains. The magnets comes in different forms such as disks, pads, inserts and bracelets. You can get any of these varieties from the stores as they are readily available. Research confirms that use of magnets is very useful especially to people suffering from osteoarthritis as well as those who are having joint pains because of old age. It is confirmed that when you use magnets especially when you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, you are going to notice significant reduction of pain.
  2. This traditional Chinese method of reducing pain might just be the thing you have been looking for in order to reduce your joint pains. It involves use of needles that are usually inserted in specific locations and they reduce pain. You can’t possibly do an acupuncture on your own. A lot of people are already making the use of Chinese traditional healers to reduce joint pains. Scientists haven’t really been able to explain how the whole process works but they can confirm that it is very effective. It is believed that the needles stimulates the energy along the pathways and they bring the right balance of energy on your body. Some people believe that it reduces inflammation and that’s why it is effective when it comes to pain reduction. What people believe or not believe does not really matter, what matters is that acupuncture works and it is very effective.
  3. I get that you are in a lot of pain and you really don’t want to keep moving but you will have to if you want to reduce the joint pains. It is for your own good and it is actually one of the best natural remedy for reducing pain. Exercises will lower the swelling on your joints which will in turn lead reduction pain. Exercise stretches the affected joints which allows the circulation of blood and in turn reduces pain. You don’t want to engage in a lot of exercises when you are having much pain. Start with small exercises like walking, swimming, cycling etc. exercises that will keep your heart moving and pumping blood. With time increase the intensity of the exercises and you will notice significant reduction of pain.
  4. Massage dates back to thousands of years and this method is still being used in the modern world to reduce joint pains as well as other pains. If you are blessed to have a wife or a husband who is good at massaging then you are in luck because you will not have to find a massage expert to come to your place or you going to a massage parlor. But sometimes using an expert in massage is the best idea since most of them have done this kind of work for years and they know exactly what to do in order to reduce the pain. They also know the most painful spots and they try to handle them with care.